Press Acclaim

February 28, 2023
The conductor shines as much in oiling the cogs of this captivating Hitchcockian suspense in the pit as in x-raying the remarkable art of Benjamin Britten in the interview that accompanies the show: "these artists (such as Britten)", she says, "are forced to silence a secret but manage to reveal it indirectly." She says again: “One can't look at the sun directly, but can perceive its presence by the shadows cast on the ground." There is no better way to describe the abyssal potential of the Turn of the Screw.
Jean-Luc Clairet
February 28, 2023
The millimetered precision, the agility, the dynamics, the colors are there and contribute to the emotion of the listeners: infinite details are perceptible, which we discover with delight. The baton of Elizabeth Askren, discovered on this occasion, is as attentive to the plateau as to the pit, and demonstrates a constant exigency. Britten's rich orchestration, his colorist art, his dramatic sense are magnified.
Yvan Beuvard
Forum Opera
January 16, 2023
Elizabeth Askren, an early standout at the Hart Institute for Women Conductors and now a faculty member, will be back in March to lead Mozart's "Così fan Tutte" at the Dallas Opera.
Lee Cullum
Patron Magazine
October 1, 2022
"Conductor Elizabeth Askren led a glittering account of Britten's translucent score."
July 28, 2022
"Elizabeth Askren conducted a revelatory reading of Britten’s multi-faceted, difficult-to-categorize score. From the first haunting string glissandi, Maestra Askren elicited a haunting effect that soon morphed from the ‘spiritual’ fairy realm to the ‘spirited’ human scape and beyond, to the Music Hall sensibilities of the Mechanicals. Britten was a master orchestrator, and Askren inspired virtuosic achievements from the pit, from seamless ensemble playing to exposed, characterful solos, all beautifully rendered..."
James Sohre
Opera Today
July 13, 2022
"Under the direction of conductor Elizabeth Askren, the orchestra beautifully plays the music of Britten and lulls the audience into a dreamlike state from the beginning of the show. "
DC Felton
Broadway World
July 13, 2022
"Elizabeth Askren’s conducting captured the score’s magic"
Heidi Waleson
The Wall Street Journal
May 9, 2021
"Appearing for the first time on the podium of the Orchestra and Choir of the Cluj Philharmonic, Elizabeth Askren brought the hall to its feet... Askren imposed through assurance and genuineness, with precise gestures, graceful assets which captured the attention of all those present, creating an atmosphere specific to unforgettable evenings."
Demostene SOFRON
November 27, 2019
“Her in-depth artistry, purposeful, determined, precise conducting shows that, like her conducting, she is careful and thorough in her (musical) research.”
Kulcsár Gabriella, Szabadsàg
December 21, 2016
“Elizabeth Askren…directed the concert as both conductor and narrator in a fine, attentive, and expressive manner…”
Elena Maria Șorban
Cronica Muzicala
June 9, 2012
”The obvious, accomplished work leads to an amazing result, of verve, panache, and well-balanced harmony.”
Jacques Duffourg, Appoggiature
”Elisabeth Askren will enchant the public. Energetic and precise gestures, a confidence that seduces irresistibly. She hypnotizes the entire hall. A revelation and the discovery of the Classic Symphony of Prokofiev.”