Maestra magic!

What is Maestra Magic! ?

- A mixed-media children’s edu-tainment show featuring conductor Elizabeth Askren as its host

- A 21st century fusion of such formative PBS educational series as Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and Sesame Street with the immensely popular Young People’s Concerts by Leonard Bernstein

- A children’s show with real people, hand-crafted puppets, and hand-drawn animation showing the natural beauty of humanity and its creations distributed via internet as today’s most accessible and effective media to reach a global audience.

Creator, Producer, Writer, Hostess: Elizabeth Askren

Director: Michael Wende

Director of Photography: Marian Iancu

Show Runner: Andrew Lombardi

Animators: Daryna Kudenko (Opera Bytes), Andreea Varga

Featuring: Eliane "Lily" Brie

Special Guests: Rainelle Krauss and Sophie Selvaraj-Akpo

With special thanks to: Shawn Jeffrey, ADA Artists, The Dallas Opera

This season is dedicated to all the Lemonade-makers, both big and small.  Cheers to you!

Copyright MaestraMagic! 2020.  All rights reserved.

30 seconds Trailer