August 20, 2022

TEDxZorilor talk: "Why Classical Music is the Wave of the Future"

Last weekend I had the honor of delivering my first TEDx talk! My talk title was "Why Classical Music is the Wave of the Future".  

Together with a great audience both live and virtual, we listened, breathed, sang, and contemplated humanity together.  We explored how to use classical music to combat today's toxic combination of isolation, confusion in a post-truth era, threats from politics, ecology, and polarized society, and virtual escapism via meta and other outlets.  And I presented "The Classical Music Challenge: Analog Your Life!"

It is the most urgent message I have written to date.  For all musicians, administrators, lovers of classical music; for all amateur musicians big and small; for everyone like my IT friend Dan who admittedly doesn't know a thing about classical music but is bold enough to dare: this one's for you.

Video of the talk is available here.