February 28, 2021

THE MAGIC FLUTE Online Opera Workshop

On February 22-26, 2021 TOA organized the first online opera workshop: Mozart's Magic Flute.

In this week-long workshop, the participants (10 amazing vocalists, pianists and conductors from Romania, France, USA and UK) explored Mozart’s Magic Flute from several vantage points which are crucial to coach and conducting the work successfully.

Each day included an interactive presentation, studio class, and optional one-on-one sign-up coaching which offered participants the chance to work individually with the faculty.

The goal of this workshop was for participants to acquire a a clear and rich overview of the work, including its architecture, dramatic pacing, historic context, harmonic and orchestration analysis, relationship between voices and orchestra. Participants have also identified and overcome conducting technical difficulties found throughout the score. 

Course Expectations: All participants were expected to arrive prepared, having completed the following work beforehand:
- background historical reading on the opera’s creation
- reading the synopsis and libretto
- vocal score analysis
- orchestral score analysis (for conductors)
- playing and singing the vocal score (for pianists and pianist/conductors)