June 21, 2023

Season 2022-2023 | In Review

The richest experiences in life often overlap several discrete worlds from past, present, and future and bind them with strong, contrasting emotions. And what makes them so special are that they are filled to the brim with vibrant people, in every aspect, and every time frame: imprints from memories lived, new encounters in the moment, and promises for what's yet to come.

Such was my past season, which I dare say was the most intense to date.  My family's midwest roots, my US musical home, an exquisite paradise, and my beloved adopted country all offered themselves to me in the form of operatic guest conducting residencies.  The works performed spanned over three centuries - such a richness of "classical music"! - from a reimagined Mozartian opera  to 2 Britten masterworks, a heart-warming contemporary revival of a Victorian-era classic novel, and a ground-breaking workshop.

I had the honor of meeting and working with extraordinary creatives in all stages of their careers - from brilliant young artists to breakout sensations, confirmed marquis headliners to seasoned legends.  My collegial directors and their creative team were incredible! The voyage of our artistic co-direction was truly memorable, a gift that I will savor for many years to come.  Our stage managers were hot-tamale fierce, and the orchestras were fire.  Our collaborative pianists and coaches were unbelievable - just thinking of their talent makes me smile in admiration! - and my dear assistant conductors were phenomenal.  

What impresses me is the incredibly rich, heart-breakingly human, and truly extraordinary adventure every single production has been.  That so many discrete individuals can come together for the span of a few weeks, share their artistry while working towards a common vision, and rely so heavily on one another to make a great chain of human expression for others to enjoy... is a small miracle.  

The following posts in this mini-series will focus on productions from each of the houses I collaborated with this season.  For those of you who were there with me, I can't wait to remember our art again.  For those who were not, I can't wait to share with you!

What I'm trying to say is, simply put: y'all are FIRE, I LOVED working with each and every one of you, and can't wait to do it again!